The Pickleball Federation of the Americas (PFA) is scaling Pickleball as a sport and a social platform for communities and schools from Canada to Chile. We are the home of standards and best practices across North American, Central America, the Caribbean and South America. We are proud sponsor of the Copa Latam Tournament as well as the Americas Championship. Join us!

Americas Mission

With its responsibility, authority, and accountability as the regional federation for pickleball, PFA promotes, leads, and supports the growth and development of pickleball on a grassroots and professional level.

Our Vision

In unity and collaboration with continental and national federations, the PFA will thrive as a world-class sports governing body. The number, diversity, and achievements of pickleball players will steadily rise. The impact of the unified, organized, and integrated national – continental – international pickleball system will result in pickleball participating in the 2032 Olympic Games in Brisbane, Australia.

Our Core Values


Through a Global Lens

  • The Board of the Pickleball Federation of the Americas serves in the best interests of international development.
  • While recognizing contributions from member countries and continents, the directors of the Board will ensure they govern with a global perspective with regard to processes, procedures, and decision-making.


Welcoming, Inclusive and Accessible

  • The sport of pickleball strives to provide opportunities for players of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds.
  • Pickleball fosters equity, social connections, and a sense of community.


New Ways, Better Ways

  • The PFA is innovative and progressive; it actively engages partners, empowers passionate leaders, and builds relationships.


Safety and integrity of the sport

  • Players, coaches, officials, and other volunteers have a right to be free from harassment, maltreatment, unethical behavior, discrimination, performance enhancement, and other forms of unfair play.