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Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Date: September 13-15th, 2024


COPA LATAM PICKLEBALL will host the official teams from 16 Latin America countries including Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay, competing to be the best country in Latin America. Divisions included:  Men’s Doubles – Women’s Doubles – Mixed Doubles – Men’s Singles – Women’s Singles.

Tournament details
Courts: 8  
Ball: coming soon
Registration: coming soon  
Registration fee : USD 35.00 per players 
Additional Category USD 30.00 per players

Two registrations are allowed.
First, second and third-placed teams will receive trophies 


Event Details

2024 Pickleball Championship

Single Elimination with Consolation

The first player/team to score the match-winning point by at least a two-point margin wins. Non-winners from all rounds go into a consolation bracket playing for the bronze medal/third place and are eliminated after a second loss. The final two players/teams in the winner’s bracket play for the first-place and second-place.

LATAM OPEN PICKLEBALL TOURNAMENT will be open to all pickleball players in Latin America and will take place at the same time and in the same location as the COPA LATAM PICKLEBALL. Divisions include Men’s Doubles – Women’s Doubles – Mixed Doubles – Doubles 60+


3 to 3.99 – INTERMEDIATE MEN – 16 Doubles
3 to 3.99 – INTERMEDIATE WOMEN – 16 Doubles
3 to 3.99 – INTERMEDIATE MIXED – 16 Doubles
4 to 5  – ADVANCED MEN – 16 Doubles
4 to 5  – ADVANCED FEM – 16 Doubles
4 to 5  – ADVANCED MIXED – 16 Doubles
60+ MEN – 16 Doubles
60+ WOMEN – 16 Doubles
60 + MIXED – 16 Doubles 

Round Robin

All players/teams play each other. 1 game until 15 points or at least a two-point margin wins. The winner is determined based on number of matches won. If two or more teams are tied, ties shall be broken in accordance with:

  • First tie-breaker: head-to-head matches won among the tied teams.
  • Second tie-breaker: point differential of all games played. 
  • Third tie-breaker: head-to-head point differential.

The participants are seeded based on the results of the round robin (first place and second place from each group) and play quarter finals a single elimination medal round format of one game to 15 points a two-point win margin.

The same player can register for two spots at same division (for example Intermediate Women and Intermediate Mixed) and cannot register in different divisions: For example: Intermediate and Advanced or 60+.



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