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PFA Celebrates Membership Recognition by Global Pickleball Federation


Pickleball Federation of the Americas Celebrates Membership Recognition by Global Pickleball Federation

Toronto, Canada – The Pickleball Federation of the Americas (PFA) proudly announces the recognition of eleven of our member associations by the Global Pickleball Federation (GPF), effective April 3, 2024. This pivotal moment marks a significant milestone in our mission to enhance and expand the sport of pickleball across the Americas and globally.

The newly recognized associations are:

  • Asociación Civil de Pickleball Argentino 
  • Caribbean Pickleball Federation
  • Colombia Pickleball Association
  • Pickleball Costa Rica
  • Asociación de Pickleball de la Republika Dominicana
  • Asociación Deportiva Nacional de Pickleball de Guatemala
  • Federacion Mexicana de Pickleball
  • Panamá Pickleball Association
  • Pickleball Perú
  • Puerto Rico Pickleball Association
  • Venezuela Pickleball Association

These associations will receive official GPF membership certificates and are granted the use of GPF logos for their promotional activities. This recognition not only highlights the vibrant growth of pickleball within these nations but also solidifies their roles on the international stage, aligning with the GPF’s commitment to fostering unified and exemplary governance in pickleball.

Gary Schwartz, President of the PFA, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We are pleased to work closely with the GPF to promote our 11 member organizations from the Americas as leaders on the global stage. We are proud of what we have accomplished in the Americas and look forward to supporting the expansion of this amazing sport internationally.”

The PFA and its members are dedicated to developing a dynamic, integrated global system that not only increases participation and competition but also achieves excellence in pickleball. This collaboration with the GPF aligns with the principles of the International Olympic Committee, supporting our vision of advancing pickleball towards Olympic recognition.

This partnership marks a transformative chapter for pickleball in the Americas and beyond, reinforcing our commitment to the sport’s growth and excellence on a worldwide scale.

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About Pickleball Americas (PFA) Pickleball Americas is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the sport of pickleball throughout the Americas. Through partnerships, community programs, and events, PFA aims to foster the growth of pickleball for all age groups and skill levels, emphasizing inclusivity and the joy of the game.