PFA Application

PFA evaluates a candidate for membership based on an organization’s ability to fulfill the following obligations. Your organization does not need to meet all of these to be accepted for membership in the PFA, but please provide as much information on each of these as possible.

Members are not required to pay upfront costs to join the PFA, and any membership dues will be determined and announced by the PFA Board of Directors once the group is fully seated. National federations are encouraged to submit applications for PFA membership in the interim and should any fee structure be deemed unacceptable to an existing member, there will be no further obligation of said member upon its withdrawal from the PFA.

Member Application

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Organization Documentation

Provide Articles of Incorporation, bylaws, constitution, statutes and/or other organizational documents
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    Provide a copy of the organization's minutes showing that authorization for the application was approved by an appropriate body of the organization and acknowledging acceptance of PFA’s Bylaws and rules.
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      Directors and Officers

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      Agree to observe and abide by these Bylaws, and the rules, regulations, policies, procedures and decisions of the PFA(Required)