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Core Values to Member Countries & Integrity of the Sport

As the unifying international sports governing body for pickleball, the GPF will provide programs and resources to its member countries. To directly support national pickleball organizations and to preserve the integrity of pickleball as a unique sport, the GPF provides:

  • Access to equipment
  • Official rulebook
  • Officiating education, training and development content
  • Ambassador guidance and instructional resources to establish ambassador programs
  • Global Tournament Series beginning in 2024 with guidance for tournament management, execution and sanctioning
  • Equipment standards to ensure fair and safe play

Our overarching vision is to ensure that pickleball is welcoming, inclusive and accessible to players of all ages, abilities and backgrounds, fostering equity, social connections and community.

The preferred path for GPF membership is to apply first through your continental federation. Member applications will be evaluated by both the continental federation and the Global Pickleball Federation. Applications for membership are available at •