Three National Governing Bodies Announce Formation of the Pickleball Federation of the Americas (PFA)

The United States, Canada and Mexico align to promote the development and growth of pickleball across the Western Hemisphere

The National Governing Bodies for the sport of pickleball in the United States, Canada and Mexico today announced the creation and launch of the Pickleball Federation of the Americas (PFA).

The PFA is established to serve as the first continental pickleball federation in the Americas for the purpose of promoting the development and growth of pickleball throughout North America, Central America, the Caribbean and South America.

Other recognized National Federations for pickleball in the Americas are encouraged to join the PFA as members of an organization and network that focuses on assistance and support for the international development of pickleball.

“The formation of a continental pickleball federation is a much-needed development as we continue to support the recent explosion of pickleball, particularly in our region of the world,” said Robert Quicksilver, USA Pickleball Chairman of the Board of Directors. “With the launch of the Pickleball Federation of the Americas, we are thrilled to align with our colleagues across the Western Hemisphere and lend support to those beginning to build pickleball communities in their respective countries.”

“Along with my peers in the United States and Mexico, I am proud to help launch this federation and ensure that the sport of pickleball evolves as a safe, welcoming and respectful environment throughout the Americas,” said Peter Milovanovic, Pickleball Canada President. “We are committed to serving as stewards of this wonderful sport and guiding its development towards a culture that is wholly fair and equal.”

“I look forward to welcoming additional countries and national federations to this exciting alliance as we progress and take great strides forward,” said Javier Regalado, La Liga Profesional de Pickleball Mexico President. “We anticipate the coming years to witness the continued growth of pickleball around the world, and we hope to lead the way through mutual collaboration and visionary governance.”

Regalado will serve as the first Chair of the Board of Directors for PFA.

While representatives from USA Pickleball, Pickleball Canada and La Liga Profesional de Pickleball Mexico have led the establishment of the PFA and will comprise the initial leadership group, a nine-member Board of Directors will be formed this summer, comprised of leaders from other member countries.

The PFA is established as a non-profit corporation that serves and exists to:

  • Encourage the development of the sport of pickleball in the Americas ⎯ including providing access to advice/information/best practices in the areas of program development, administration, governance and communications.
  • Coordinate efforts to position pickleball as a welcoming and accessible sport that fosters social connections and a sense of community.
  • Organize continental championships, member national federations’ championships, and other major events.
  • Support equity, diversity and inclusion within pickleball throughout the Americas.
  • Help ensure that the culture of pickleball evolves as a safe sport, and a sport in which players, coaches, officials and volunteers experience a welcoming and respectful environment for all with a commitment to fair play and equal treatment.
  • Encourage and support measures in competitions and with athletes that safeguard the integrity of pickleball and para pickleball and protect clean athletes through anti-doping efforts and the prevention of the manipulation of competitions.
  • Encourage and support measures related to the medical care and health of the athletes who participate in PFA competitions.
  • Serve as the official continental federation for pickleball in the Americas.

Member countries of the Pickleball Federation of the Americas will have direct access to a variety of resources, such as:

  • Official Playing Rules
  • Coaching and Officiating Materials
  • Guidelines for Federation Websites, Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation and Tournament Operations