Tournaments & Sanctioning


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Pickleball Americas will establish an Americas tournament calendar in February 2024. This will include all sanctioned Pickleball Americans national and regional tournaments.

A tournament gains official recognition or ‘sanctioning’ by Pickleball Americas when it aligns with both national and international standards of pickleball, as certified through an endorsement from the Tournament Director. Sanctioned tournaments are recognized for their compliance with these standards, ensuring they are well-organized, fair, safe, and adhere to the governing rules and regulations of the sport.

See advantages and criteria for hosting officially recognized tournaments below.


Advantages of Hosting an Officially Recognized Tournament

  • Tournament Use of the Pickleball Americas Sanctioned (Approved) Logo.
  • Inclusion on the Pickleball Americas Sanctioned Tournament Calendar.
  • Access to Pickleball Americas Sponsorship packages.
  • Access to Pickleball Americas tournament approved software.
  • Support from the Pickleball Americas Tournament Chair as required.
  • Access to Pickleball Americas promotion and social amplification
  • Public acknowledgment of the tournament’s support for Pickleball Americas and GPF.

Advantages for the Player

  • Knowledge that all tournaments will have a consistent standard and experience.

Criteria for Sanctioning 

  • All hosts must be Pickleball Americas members.
  • Display Pickleball Americas logo prominently on all assets related to the tournament.
  • Avoiding scheduling conflicts with other sanctioned events or Regional Championships.
  • Submission of a sanctioning application 60 days prior to the event, including a support letter from the relevant regional body.
  • Compliance with Official Tournament Rules.
  • Specification of the ball make and model
  • Adherence to safety guidelines in the Tournament Director’s Guide.
  • Following all government health and safety protocols.
  • Payment of the sanctioning fee upon provisional approval.
  • A minimum of 80 participants.
  • Open to all eligible players, with potential geographical limitations
  • Inclusion of wheelchair players, respecting the relevant human rights legislations.
  • Reporting final results to the Pickleball Americas Tournament Chair within a week after the tournament.

Agreeing to these terms is mandatory for sanctioning, with penalties for non-compliance including PFA rating disqualification and potential future sanctioning prohibitions.